Our Activity Programme

Our activity programmes are specifically designed to include a balanced mix of sports, activities, workshops, local visits and excursions to ensure our students have fun, make friends, practise their English and learn more about British culture & heritage.

We aim for students to maximise their use of English outside of the classroom and this is achieved through participating in activities, interacting with our staff & making friends with other students.

We also offer optional drama workshops every week in all locations at no additional charge.

Sample Activity Programme

Morning and afternoon teaching timetable operates in peak weeks. Students alternate weekly between morning classes/activities and afternoon classes/activities.

Daytime activities between 09:00-12:30 or 14:00-17:30. Evening activities between 19.30 – 22.00. Exact times may vary dependent on campus.

  09:00 – 12:30 14:00 – 17:30 19:30 – 22:00
Sun Transfer on arrival to centre   Welcome Party
Mon Lessons Orientation & walking tour of city centre Quiz Night
Tue Lessons Sports & activities Team Games Night
Wed Lessons Half day excursion by coach Murder Mystery
Thu Lessons Sports & activities Disco
Fri Lessons Local visit Let’s Dance
Sat Full day excursion by coach    Late Return & Dinner Out
Sun Full day excursion by coach   Film Night
Mon Local visit Lessons Talent Show
Tue Sports & activities Lessons Scavenger Hunt
Wed Half day excursion by coach Lessons Karaoke
Thu Sports & activities Lessons Disco
Fri Local visit Lessons Sports Tournament
Sat Full day excursion by coach   Fashion Show
Sun Transfer and departure    

Please refer to the sample activity programmes for each centre which can be downloaded from the centre page. We will endeavour to follow the sample programme as closely as possible but please note that all sample programmes may be subject to change.


We believe an important aspect of the study holiday is that students learn about the local history and culture of the area in which they are staying. As such, we put a lot of importance on well-organised and informative trips to places of historic and cultural interest.


We include:

  • 3 full day excursions per 2 weeks
  • Minimum 1 half-day excursion (or premium entrance) per week 
  • Minimum 2 half day local visits per week
  • All entrance fees and travel costs as required for the programme

Sports & On-Campus activities

We organise a mix of sports and other activities on campus so that students can make friends, practise their English, keep fit and have fun. All activity sessions are supervised by Target staff.

  • Usually two daytime sports & activities sessions per week, depending on centre
  • Sports may include football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rounders, swimming and beach volleyball, depending on the facilities available 
  • Other daytime activities may include drama, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, film & photography projects, talent show preparation etc   
  • Evening activities may include discos, quizzes, fashion shows, talent shows, treasure hunts, karaoke and more

Drama Workshops

Optional drama workshops are offered weekly in all locations and are included in the package price.  


  • Each 60 – 90 minute drama workshop is a stand-alone session (i.e. not part of a course)
  • Workshops take place during the day as an alternative to sports or in the evenings
  • Students can sign up for the workshops at the centre
  • Workshops are suitable for all levels including beginners
  • All students have the opportunity to sign up for at least 1 x 90 minute drama workshop per week

Activity Staff

Students are supervised by Activity Leaders on all our trips and excursions as well as during all on-site activities. Our Activity Leaders are usually undergraduate students who are interested in working with young international students.

Activity leaders are required to follow strict guidelines on supervision and safeguarding as well as motivating students, being friendly, informative and supportive.

All Activity Leaders complete online Level 1 Safeguarding training.

All activity staff are obliged to undertake online training, including first aid training, prior to commencing their contract. In addition, all activity staff receive a full on-site induction with the centre management team.

In each centre there is an Activity Manager  who is responsible for coordinating the programme and managing the Activity Team. In larger centres a Senior Activity Leader will support the Activity Manager.

Activity Staff