Our Activity Programme

Our programmes are specifically designed with teenagers in mind and include a balanced mix of sports, activities, workshops and excursions to ensure our students have fun, make friends, practice their English and discover British culture & heritage.

We aim for students to maximise their use of English outside of the classroom and this is achieved through participating in activities, interacting with our staff, making friends with other students and through our Activity Books, which support students’ language learning whilst on local visits and excursions.

We believe an important aspect of the study holiday is for students to learn about the local history and culture of the area in which they are staying as well as British history & culture in general. As such, we put a lot of emphasis on escorted full and half-day excursions and local visits to places of historic and cultural interest.

We offer a wide range of sports and other activities on campus. Sports may include football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rounders, swimming and beach volleyball  depending on the facilities available on campus.  Other activities include discos, quizzes, fashion shows, talent shows, film nights, treasure hunts, karaokes and more!. We also offer optional Drama and Street Dance workshops every week.

All programmes include:

  • 1 full-day excursion per week
  • 1 half-day excursion (or premium entrance) per week
  • Daytime activities consisting of a mix of local visits and sports/on-site activities
  • All entrance fees and travel costs as required for the programme
  • Evening activities including discos, talent shows, karaokes and more
  • 1 late return excursion per course with dinner out (£10 dinner vouchers)
  • Weekly optional 90-minute Drama workshop with specialist drama instructor
  • Weekly optional 90-minute Street Dance workshop with specialist dance instructor
  • Souvenir Activity Book, specific to the centre in which you are staying and packed full of information and activities
  • Morning and afternoon teaching timetable operates in peak weeks. Students alternate weekly between morning classes/activities and afternoon classes/activities 
  • Daytime activities between 09:00-12:30 or 14:00-17:30. Evening activities between 19.30 – 22.00. Exact times  may vary dependent on campus 

Please refer to the downloadable Centre Profile for full details of the activity programme for each centre.

Sample Programme (with morning lessons)

 Week 1  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday Sunday
 AM  Arrival  Test & Induction Lesson  Lessons  Lessons  Lessons  Lessons  Full Day Excursion Sports on campus & local visit or  optional full day excursion
 PM  Local visit – guided walking tour of city centre  Sports  Half Day Excursion  Sports  Local visit to city & museum
 Drama  Street Dance
 Eve  Welcome Party  Quiz Night  World Cup  Disco  Karaoke  Fashion Show  Film Night Treasure Hunt

Drama Workshops

Optional Drama workshops, led by a drama specialist, are offered weekly to all students and are included in the package price.  Each 90 minute workshop is a stand alone class. Workshops may take place during the day as an alternative to sports and games or in the evenings. Students can sign up for the workshops at the centre if they want to get involved. Drama workshops are suitable for all levels including beginners.

All students will have the opportunity to sign up for at least 1 x 90-minute workshop per week. 

Street Dance Workshops

Street Dance is all about having fun and expressing how the music makes you feel.  These optional workshops are offered are offered weekly to all students and are included in the package price. The workshops are designed for those with little or no dance experience. Each 90 minute workshop is a stand-alone class, delivered by a specialist street dance teacher. The instructor will guide students through a warm up section and then teach a variety of street dance moves that can be linked together into a short routine.  The teacher will then lead the students in a series of non–stop routines for around 45 minutes. At the end of the class there will be a cool down and stretching. Students can sign up for the workshops at the centre if they want to get involved.

All students will have the opportunity to sign up for at least 1 x 90-minute workshop per week.

Activity Books

All students receive one of our unique, centre-specific Activity Books, designed to compliment the excursion and local visit programme and enhance the language-learning experience. The Activity Book is packed full of information about the places students will visit and includes a wide variety of English language activities for students to complete during or after the trip. This colourful and informative guide also makes a nice souvenir of their study holiday which students to take home to show their families what they have done on their holiday.

Activity Staff

Students are supervised by Activity Leaders on all our trips and excursions as well as during all on-site activities. Our Activity leaders are usually native speaker undergraduate students who are enthusiastic about working with young international students. Activity leaders are required to follow strict guidelines on supervision and safe guarding as well as motivating students, being friendly, informative and supportive.. All Activity Leaders are invited to attend a full induction and training weekend, which includes a 3-hour First Aid course, before taking up their post with us. In each centre there is an experienced Activity Manager  who is responsible for coordinating the programme and managing the Activity team.