Alexandra Kwiatkowska, 15, Poland (Student in Nottingham)
All the activity leaders and teachers are great and I love this city. I have made lots of friends and will be very sad to leave
Eugenia, 16, Spain (Student in Hull)
This place is wonderful! I had a great time and met a lot of new friends. The places we visited looked like part of a film. People here are very nice and you can make lots of new friends. This place has both worlds: you can learn English and do lots of new things
Chan Piu Ching, 15, China (Student in Bath)
I love the course and the teachers make the lessons fun!

Dayana Kokusheva, 15, Kazakhstan (Student in Bath)
I love this education system.Teachers are very nice!
Mateusz Kwiatkowski, 16, Poland (Student in Bath)
I love the friendly atmosphere on the peaceful campus with great sports facilities. Everything in the city centre is really close together. I want to come back. It was great, one of my funniest moment was when Ed the activity leader beat me at tennis and I am a tennis teacher!
Pedro, Guiseppe and Andrea, 14, Sicily, Italy (Students in Hendon)
I love London it’s a very beautiful city (Pedro)
I’ve met lots of friends here and want to come back next year (Guiseppe)
The activities in the evening are very funny! (Andrea)